Why Kitchen Stand Mixer Is the Best Replacement of a Manual Mixer

Many people think that only professional bakers need stand mixers. This is the reason why you will find only hand mixers in most of the houses. A manual, hand mixer can do the mixing and whipping job. However, it does that at the cost of your strained forearm and bicep, especially if you using it to prepare a dish for an entire family. In contrast, the automatic function of a stand mixer greases wheels of your pre-cooking and baking work. The same consistency and fluff for which you have to grind it for half an hour with your hand mixer, a top-quality kitchen stand mixer will do in just a couple of minutes and that too without requiring any amount of physical effort. But more than its automation and effortless way to mix, whisk and whip stuff, it’s the versatility of a kitchen stand mixer that gives it an uncontested edge over regular manual hand mixers— thanks to a range of attachments that comes with it.

A high-quality kitchen stand mixer of any reputable brand comes with a set of attachments that you can use to take care of many different pre-cooking preparations that a standard hand mixer can’t manage. For instance, you get a dough hook with some of the kitchen stand mixers. By using this attachment, you won’t need to knead the dough manually. These dough hooks are good enough to press the flour to the exact consistency you need to bake a mouthwatering piece of a loaf. All the budding home bakers who struggle in manually kneading the dough will find this feature of a stand mixer a lifesaver.

Spiralizer recipes have become all the rage in the last couple of years. Dishes with lots of spiralizing are not just easy on the eyes but also promote healthy eating. You can turn a stand mixer into a spiralizer by using the spiralizer attachment. Replace bad carbs and add more vegetables to your food portions in the form of Zucchini noodles or vegetable chips with this wonderful feature of a kitchen stand mixer. A pasta roller attachment is also part of some kitchen stand mixers so you can make chef-like lasagna sheets in your own kitchen. It is important to mention here that even with such a diversified use, a stand mixer is not a bulky machine occupying a lot of space on the kitchen counter. You can easily adjust it with the existing kitchen appliances without overfilling the counter. Last but not least, the kitchen stand mixers are not expensive appliances. You can easily find many top-quality sand mixers at lower price points.