Use a Brentwood Blender to Meet Your Nutrition Goals

If you are excited to get healthier, you know that the best way to start on your fitness journey is to take control of your diet. You only have so much control over the ingredients and portion sizes when you choose to go out to eat, which is why it’s so important to cook nutritious meals at home as often as possible. By cooking at home, you have complete control over how many calories you take in, as well as the macro and micro nutrients of your meals. But cooking, if you have never done it much in the past, can sound like a daunting and exhausting task; the last thing you want to do when you get started on your journey is give up because you don’t have the time to cook at home. Make your life simpler by investing in the tools that will help you succeed. A quality food blender, like a Brentwood blender, is a great way to get started!

So what can you make with a blender? The list is endless! Many people buy a blender with smoothies and shakes in mind. After all, a healthy smoothie packed full of fruits, leafy greens, avocado and protein powder is a great meal replacement or snack to boost energy and keep you on track. But more than smoothies, blenders are good for so many other things in the kitchen. For example, many people choose to make their own condiments at home, as well as sauces and dressing, to cut out the excess sugar and fat that many store-bought options offer. Not only that, you can also make your own nut butters at home with a blender, helping you to exclude any preservatives and enjoy them completely fresh!

When it comes to purchasing a blender for your kitchen, you have many options available to you. Many people choose a traditional 12-speed blender for their first option; this countertop blender is versatile and holds plenty of liquid, giving you room for bigger meals like soup and smoothies for the whole family. A personal blender is one that is good for just one smoothie and is easy to clean or even take with you on the road. An immersion blender is good for blending soups in the pot. Consider what kinds of meals you enjoy making and you are sure to get the right Brentwood blender for your new lifestyle!