Toaster Oven: An Appliance for Both Small and Big Kitchens

If you are setting up your small kitchen by keeping your small family in mind, then it is better to opt for a toaster oven instead of going for a standalone toaster and a full-fledged oven. Many people think that by buying a toaster oven, they have to make any compromise on the quality of food preparation. However, that’s not the case. Oven toasters only have space (quantity) limitations. Otherwise, they are as good as any oven or toaster. The majority of the toaster ovens have two-slice slots on the front with a decent oven space beneath it. Sometimes even that small space is efficiently partitioned by a grill so that it can bake more than a single dish at one time. If you are a family of 3-4, a top-quality toaster oven will be enough to take care of your toasting, baking, defrosting and reheating needs. There are very few kitchen appliances that offer such fulfilling use without overwhelming the space in your kitchen and without straining your budget.

While toaster oven is a complete package for small kitchen and families, it is equally essential in settings where there is already an oven and a toaster. Yes, having separate toasters and ovens doesn’t mean getting a single toaster oven will be overkill. You will find the 2-slice configuration of a toaster oven really handy when you want to prepare more servings in lesser time. Similarly, the oven part of a toaster oven will help you in preparing those detailed recipes where different temperature settings are required at different stages. The baking tray of a toaster oven also comes in useful when you have to make a baked dish in large batches, and the main oven is already operating on the full capacity.

Besides delivering the obvious utility for toasting and baking, an oven toaster can significantly cut down the use of your stovetop and conventional oven. For instance, if you have to roast a small batch of meat or need to bake some potatoes, you can use a toaster oven instead of using the main oven. Similarly, a toaster oven is great for defrosting foods and reheating dishes. If you live in a region with a warmer climate, the use of toaster oven over gas stovetops and ovens entails another benefit: less heat dissipation. A top-quality toaster oven uses very little energy in comparison to gas-powered cooking appliances that can toast up the entire kitchen space in summer.