Taking Advice From My Health Nut Dad And Using A Food Dehydrator

I got a great food dehydrator recently and it is something that I always wanted to try out. I don’t believe in eating dehydrated foods from the store that are filled with lots of preservatives and chemicals. Dehydrated food that you make on your own makes for a really tasty snack and I got the idea to make my own snacks and treats from my dad.

My dad has been really into dehydrated food, and he has been into this ever since he started eating insanely healthy. My dad ate healthy all my life for the most part, but he has really gotten into great healthy habits in the last few years. He hardly ever eats dessert and he literally eats a plate full of raw, plain vegetables every time he eats dinner. He also eats really small portions.

My dad’s healthy habits may seem a little extreme, but they definitely pay off. With so many Americans struggling with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, my dad is at the opposite end of that spectrum. He has low blood pressure, in fact as low as you can go and still be healthy and he has no issues with cholesterol or blood sugar or anything like that. Part of his healthy habits include eating lots of dehydrated food, and now I can get into that habit myself with my new food dehydrator.