Replacing A Brentwood Electric Twin Burner

Thanks for coming by. Are you fed up with your Brentwood electric twin burner? Or, are you just ready to upgrade or get a different or more effective burner? Are you needing a different electric hot plate for your kitchen or dorm? In this blog we will be looking at several different options and even go over a couple of outdoor burners that aren’t electric just to see the difference. If you’ve used the Brentwood electric twin burner, you’re likely aware of its limitations and its pluses. The pluses are its compact size and power along with its low price point of around $30. Its drawbacks are fairly obvious as well. Its cheaply made, so the numbers often wear off quickly and it doesn’t really cook evenly. The thermostats consistently are inconsistent and you can’t count on it to cook regularly or evenly, basically just hot or hotter. It isn’t bad for boiling water and making tea, which are likely its most used functions and that is likely in dorm rooms and apartments across the country.

The first option you should consider for upgrading your twin burner is the Cuisinart CB-60. It has 1 more star on Amazon and has burners that work, at least for a while, although many of the complaints concerning the CB-60 are about one of the burners wearing out quickly. This isn’t in the same price range as the Brentwood so it’s going to be better as far as quality is concerned. It does have 2 different sized burners and more reliable knobs and thermostat that seems to work better than the Brentwood model. This is going to be a much more reliable model but it comes at nearly triple the price of the Brentwood. The 3rd option is the Better Chef double burner. It is ranked higher than the Brentwood on Amazon ratings and is ranked the same as the Cuisinart though it doesn’t have nearly the power or craftsmanship. Its superior to the Brentwood just based on its reliability and ability to control its temperature. For the same price, there’s little reason to return or buy the Brentwood over the Better Chef. This one also includes a safety thermal shutoff.

In conclusion, the Better Chef is the best bang for your buck, and its easy to see that the Brentwood should be relegated to backup duty or put up in the closet. Thanks for coming by the blog and thanks for reading, we hope that you found something helpful. Come back soon.