Interested In A Vitamix Blender?

Blending and juicing is all the rage right now. There are plenty of competition out there for top mixer and Vitamix is right there in the thick of it all. That’s why we will be having a look at some of the top Vitamix blenders to see which on is right for you. Thanks for stopping by the blog, in this blog we will be breaking down three mixers to give you the information on each of them so hopefully you can make a decision about which if any to buy. The first Vitamix blender we look at is the Vitamix 5200 series and is a budget friendly model of the Vitamix blender. It doesn’t come with its own attachments and it doesn’t have any presets of the pricier models but is a basic and straightforward model. This model can be yours for $395.

The second Vitamix Blender that we preview is the Vitamix Explorian and it is a good mid-range Vitamix blender that features a 48-ounc capacity and a self-cleaning function. It doesn’t have programmable settings and isn’t as powerful as some of the other blenders out there but is still a very good choice for those that make mixes and drinks in bulk. It can be yours for just under $400 and features variable speed control to make sure you can have that little bit of touch and nuance you need to do soups and get those bigger chunks of ice cube taken care of. The 3rd blender on our list is also a Vitamix is their professional series 750. This is the top of the line Vitamix and it is available for just under $600. If you can justify that much for a blender then you won’t be disappointed. It has a 64-ounce capacity and a cool running motor so every blend is the same, not too hot and not too troubled. It also features presets and is programmable to make your mixing that much easier. This blender is the ultimate and can blend just about anything with little effort including coffee and nuts. You won’t need something separate for your nuts and coffee and fruit smoothies anymore as you can blend them all here and even at the same time and get the nutrients you need.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and thanks for reading the blog. We hope that you’ve found some information you can use. If you have a Vitamix blender you should tell us about it. Just take a picture and send us an email and we might be able to use it in a future blog. Come back soon.