How to Use Silicone Cake Pans for Baking

You must have noticed that most cake pans sold in stores are silicone bakeware, and that’s because silicone pans and molds are easy to use. However, if you’ve never cooked with silicone, you must be wondering how you should use silicone pans for baking or if you can use them in the oven. If you’ve got questions about silicone cake pans for baking, you’ve come to the right place. When using silicone cake pans, you can easily make dogbone shaped cakes, paw-print muffins, and more. There are several ways to become an expert in silicone cake pans for baking, and they should help you the next time you’re making a birthday cake or an awesome puppy cake. The first thing you should do is use a non-stick material so you can bake cakes for your kids by coating the silicone bakeware with cooking spray, giving it non-stick properties.

You will also notice that a silicone cake pan is flexible, which makes storing and getting the cake out of the mold easier. However, when you’re pouring cake batter, things can get messy. If you try to pick up a silicone pan full of batter, you may spill it around the place. That’s why we recommend that you place your silicone baking pans on a cookie sheet before you pour them in the batter. This makes it placing the pans in the oven and taking them out of your cake when it is done easier.

Silicone cake pans are safe to use at hot temperatures, which is why you should always use silicone molds in the oven and in the microwave. We’ve baked these at the temperature of around 375 degrees so that the cake pans hold up fine. Once you’ve baked the cake, you should leave it to cool down in a metal or glass pan. It’s important that you let the cake cool down completely on the cooking rack so that the batter gets cool all around. You will need about 30 to 45 minutes to cook a cake in a silicone mold, and that’s probably the best part about cooking with silicone baking pans. When your cake is cool, all you need to do is flip the pan over and peel it away from your cake; this way, you can peel away later as the silicone is flexible and will bend easily.