How to Clean and Maintain Kitchen Griddles

Kitchen griddles are great for cooking various kinds of foods in commercial kitchens, but they require care and attention so that they keep giving the best performance. Ignoring griddle maintenance can be disastrous for your equipment, and it can seriously affect the safety and taste of the food you serve. Fortunately, griddle cleaning is a quick process. If you set aside enough time to care for this important kitchen equipment, it is going to have a long life, keeping your kitchen operating smoothly. The most important reason for keeping your kitchen griddles clean is to decrease the chance of contaminants being cooked in the food that could lead to illness or disease. Consistent cleaning will not only improve the taste of food, but it also reduces the likelihood that flavors are going to transfer from one menu item to the other one.

Eliminating the buildup of food particles and grease from the kitchen griddles helps the surface heat conduct evenly and efficiently. It also extends the life of the equipment and gives you the best return on your investment. Routine cleaning of your kitchen griddle is going to help your kitchen staff save time as accumulated grime and grease will form a sticky layer that eventually carbonizes into a substance that is difficult to remove. Once you have the necessary equipment on hand, you can clean the kitchen griddle in a safe and reliable manner. Manufacturers of kitchen griddles should undergo regular maintenance throughout the year to retain their performance.

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning kitchen griddles at least once a day and more frequently if you use them extensively. It’s important that you empty, wash, and sanitize the waste drawer at the end of every day and sooner if required. Once every week, you should unplug the griddle and let it cool completely, while you should use a fresh cloth and thoroughly rinse it water. Look out for stress cracks in the metal, and any damage should be immediately addressed as cracks allow grease to seep into the mechanics and damage the equipment. You should conduct a visual inspection of the top and underside of the griddle and check the pressure on gas griddles or have professional service technicians check the reading on the electric griddles. Don’t stress out over griddle cleaning; by making it a regular part of your kitchen routine, you can avoid wasting valuable time scraping food debris and grease from the surface as well.