Find You A New Personal Blender

Blenders are super useful appliances that every kitchen should have. There are few people with kitchens that won’t benefit from new and modern blenders. They’re more powerful and useful than they’ve ever been with modern materials and engineering. Gone are the whacky blenders of old with all the different attachments that were hard to keep up with. These are streamlined and well-made machines built for performance. Thanks for coming by, we will be talking about new blenders and looking at some of the features. We won’t be ranking anything, just looking at several and helping you to find one for your own personal use. The first personal blender we look at is the Nutri-Ninja personal fitness blender. Personal blenders are great for making sure that you get the proper nutrition and get the exact amount of a drink or shake that you need for each meal. The Ninja personal blender is for making shakes and smoothies and has a great amount of power at 700-watts with Pulse technology. The blender extracts nutrition from whatever you put into it so you can enjoy it. Comes with 2 16oz. Ninja cups and 30 inspiration recipe comes with this package that costs right around $50.00.

The 2nd personal blender we look at is the NutriBullet. The NutriBullet is well made and comes with plenty of attachments that are also easy to use. It is said to have a special extraction technology to get out lots of hidden nutrients. The cups that come with this are portable and even feature several lids to cover up your fruity smoothie or vegetable concoction. The 3rd blender we look at might be the most high-tech on the list and it is the Nutri-Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Complete. It’s a very modern looking blender and has a large base making it closer to a full-sized blender. This is a blender for serious people that really meal plan. You can make large batches of shakes and mixtures to freeze for later and the construction of this fantastic blender is of the highest quality.

The final personal blender we look at is the Oster Myblend. This blender is the epitome of personal blender and takes up the least amount of space. Its also the cheapest and handiest with the easiest to use blender cups etc. Thanks for coming by the blog. Do you have a personal blender that you’re really happy with? Take a picture and send us the story and we will do our best to use it in a future blog. Come back soon.