Finally Using The Oven, Now That I Have Great Kitchen Bakeware

I never did much baking growing up. In fact, the oven would just sit there unused at my parents’ home for months and months. My parents were always busy with work or with something else and they didn’t have much time to bake. My mom and I would bake some things for a special occasion and they would always turn out fantastic and I craved more of that.

I didn’t get to have much fun with baking growing up, so now that I have my own oven and my own apartment, I have been really excited to get a lot more into it. My mom has some really great recipes that she never got a chance to try out with us kids, and now I can try them out on my own and cook up some tasty things.

My mom knows how to cook a lot of amazing Russian dishes, and I am the most excited for using my new kitchen bakeware to bring that taste of home back. Our family is from Russia and I really miss the Russian cooking that my parents used to do. Now that I have my bakeware, I can cook some healthy and tasty dishes.