Electric Hot Plate vs. Gas Stove

Gas stoves have been a staple in kitchens for as long as we can remember. However, with the recent technological advancements, we have been introduced to the electric hot plate. This is basically a portable, flat surface that produces heat by using electricity. Since then, there has been an ongoing debate regarding which option is better. You can choose a gas stove or an electric hot plate depending on your specific requirements for cooking. While some people just enjoy cooking on an open flame, there are a few major advantages of an electric hot plate that have made it the more obvious choice for the smart homes of today.

The first major incentive for someone to tilt towards an electric hot plate is that this option is more cost-effective than a gas stove. This holds especially true if you are redoing your kitchen. If you want a gas stove, you would need to install gas lines in the kitchen, which will end up costing you more, unless you already have gas lines. Still, there is a large collection of electric hot plates available that range from low prices to high prices. So there are more chances that you’ll find an economical electric hot plate that will cost you less than a gas stove. An electric hot plate trumps gas stoves in the cleaning department as well. The heat and smoke that comes out of a gas stove can make your kitchen walls and cabinets dark and dirty. Moreover, if you drop anything on the gas stove, which is inevitable, you would need to clean it right away. However, you possible can’t leave your cooking and start cleaning midway. If a food item dries on the gas stove, you can easily expect to spend the next hour scrubbing and cleaning the stain. The simply designed electric hot plate is much easier to clean within a short span of two minutes.

The supply of gas dictates how well the food will be cooked on a gas stove. Since this is something you can’t control, you are at the mercy of external factors. If the pressure of gas is not even, the heat won’t be evenly distributed. As a result, the food may be uncooked from one side and overdone at the other. An electric hot plate eliminates this problem as it evenly distributes the heat to all the sides of the pot on top. Electric stoves are more eco-friendly and a much safer option compared to gas stoves that incur a significant risk of fire and gas leaks.