My Panasonic Rice Cooker Reminds Me Of The Taste Of Home

I moved pretty far away from my parents and it has been hard to be away from them, although it was something that I felt I needed to do for getting where I wanted to be in life. I really wanted to get out to the west coast and when my brother got a job offer to work for Boeing here in the Seattle area, I felt like that was my chance to follow him and to move here as well. I feel that it was the right decision.

Moving out here has allowed me to live where I wanted to live for a long time and I love being in an urban area with the major companies all around me and so many opportunities when it comes to entertainment and business alike. It has been fun to explore and I got my first real job shortly after moving out here and I am happy with how far I have come.

Getting some great appliances that allow me to make those homemade meals I miss has helped me to not miss my parents and my friends back at home so much. The Panasonic rice cooker that I got really reminds me of home, as we would enjoy many rice meals with the family growing up. We would gather around the dinner table at the same time and enjoy catching up over a hearty rice meal.